Waste shredder machine to improve the utilization of resources


Domestic scrap is mainly from the social scrap recycling organization, and its social recycling waste steel accounts for about 60% of the country's waste steel. It is the main source of waste steel in China; the second is the steel mill produced by steel. In addition, China has become the first big country in steel production. However, the total reserves of steel in our country are not enough, so the total amount of waste steel in China can not meet the demand of steel for steel making, and the quantity of 1/4 depends on the import to make up the shortage of domestic waste steel. The electric furnace steel making is the main consumption of the waste steel resources, and with the further expansion of the steel industry in the steel industry, the demand for waste steel will be further expanded.
Scrap steel shredder equipment has a huge advantage, that is, recycling efficiency is higher, depreciation damage can almost be omitted. As we all know, because of the shortage of energy and the harmful to the environment, the production of iron and steel is always an important part of national construction. If we do well in the recycling of metal scrap, every recycling can save about 95% of energy and emission of extremely harmful gas. This is of great significance to the construction of low-carbon recycling economy.

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