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Quartz stone crusher

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Quartz stone crusher

Product Introduction

The quartz stone crusher uses a pair of roller crushers, which are configured with two crushing rollers on the structure. It is mainly suitable for fine crushing operations with a feed particle size of less than 150mm and a finished product particle size of 100 mesh-2mm.This machine is an indispensable equipment in the quartz sand production line. It is widely used for crushing materials with low compressive strength, low moisture content and small feed size.The excellent fine sand making effect of this machine is unmatched by many crushers.After numerous transformations and technological innovations, the quartz stone crusher has a finer crushing particle size.

The discharging particle size of the machine can be adjusted, and the customer can adjust the distance between the two roller surfaces according to the crushing particle size they need to meet their required particle size.At present, there are relatively many places where the quartz stone crusher is applied in the market, and the feedback of the use effect is also very good. 

Performance characteristics

1. Advanced manufacturing technology, reasonable structure design and easy operation

The machine combines various advanced control methods to carry out visual operation, which is convenient for centralized management and timely troubleshooting, and improves production efficiency;re-optimize the design of the abrasive roller body;the grinding roller is equipped with replaceable wear-resistant liners, which are made of domestic advanced wear-resistant materials, which have the advantages of long service life, not easy to damage, and convenient maintenance.

2. Energy saving, environmental protection and pollution-free

The quartz stone crusher is equipped with a dust-proof board inside, which has good sealing performance, avoiding the splashing of small materials after crushing, less dust, low working noise, and greatly improved working environment.

3. Small investment, high production efficiency and superior performance

The machine is compact in structure, light in weight, small in size, simple in structure, small in space, and convenient in operation and maintenance; the quartz stone crusher adopts a hydraulic jacking device to adjust the size of the discharge port, and it can also pass iron when there is accidental metal iron. After entering the crushing chamber, the hydraulic jacking device operates, and the iron leakage equipment operates normally.

Applicable industry

1. Highway and railway construction

In recent years, railways and highways have developed rapidly, and more and more stones are used for construction. Most of these stones are crushed by quartz stone crushers. The main reason is that the strength of the materials crushed by the quartz stone crusher is relatively uniform, which is suitable for roads. And railway construction, the quartz stone crusher has made a great contribution to the construction of roads and railways in our country, and is an indispensable equipment for the construction of roads and railways.

2. Coal and mine mining

In coal and mine mining, the quartz stone crusher plays an important role. The quartz stone crusher is an indispensable equipment in every sand production line of mines. In coal and mine mining,you will definitely see a quartz stone crusher at work.

3. Construction engineering

With the rapid economic development, more and more high-rise buildings appear in front of people. These high-rise buildings are inseparable from raw materials such as quartz stone and lime. Therefore, the quartz stone crusher in the construction industry is also essential.

4. Water conservancy, hydropower, chemical industry

Quartz stone crusher separates many kinds of materials through crushing and screening of coal. Each material has a different purpose. Some materials can be used to build high-rise buildings, and some can be used as chemical raw materials.The equipment is also widely used in the hydropower industry and plays an important role in it.

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