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Potash feldspar fine crusher

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Potash feldspar fine crusher

Product introduction

Potash feldspar, also known as orthoclase, usually presents red, yellow, white and other colors. It has the characteristics of low melting point, long melting time, and high viscosity. It can be widely used in industrial sectors such as glass, abrasive materials, and ceramic glazes. To make potash fertilizer, with the rapid economic development, the amount of potash feldspar used in building ceramics is increasing, and its market prospect is very broad.

Potash feldspar fine crusher is a new type of high-efficiency potash feldspar fine crusher developed by Shuguang Machinery based on the properties of potash feldspar after many years of experience. The crushing effect of the potash feldspar is very obvious, and the energy saving effect is comparable. Compared with other fine crushers, it can save energy by 55%. 

Performance characteristics

1. Potash feldspar fine crusher equipment has high innovative performance, and the integration of the equipment is very high, which makes it run more smoothly during work and has a very large output.

2. The potash feldspar fine crusher has less pollution in the working environment and is easy to operate and maintain. In the potash feldspar fine crusher, there is almost no dust flying in the sky, and the environmental protection measures are very good.

3. The wearing parts are made of wear-resistant materials, which greatly extends the service life of wearing parts and saves customers a lot of maintenance costs.

4. The effect of energy saving and consumption reduction is very good, the structure design is simple, and the maintenance frequency is low.

5. Continuous work can be carried out. Even if it is a long time operation, the frequency of equipment failure is very small, and the maintenance cost is 40%-50% lower than other fine crusher equipment.

Working principle 

The potash feldspar fine crusher is a continuous production of fine crushing equipment. After the equipment is turned on, the potash feldspar is evenly fed into the crushing cavity from the feed port. During the falling process, it is first impacted and broken by the high-speed rotating hammer, and passes through the hammer. The impacted potash feldspar gets the impact force and hits the impact liner to be broken again, and the potash feldspar is initially broken in the process. Next, the hammer head rotates repeatedly at high speed to crush the material, so that the hammer head and the material, the material and the material, the material and the impact liner produce mutual counterattack, crushing, grinding and other forces, and finally the potassium feldspar is broken into qualified granularity,discharge through the discharge port.

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