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cobblestone crusher

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cobblestone crusher

Product introduction

Cobblestone has the characteristics of high hardness, stable physical and chemical properties, and environmental protection. It is often used in construction, building materials, chemical engineering and other fields. Cobblestone crushers are mainly used for crushing and processing cobblestone materials of various particle sizes and hardness.The whole machine is a vertical structure, which saves floor space, has stable operation performance, and has a greatly improved overall life span compared with traditional machines.

Cobblestone crusher is a new type of high-yield crushing equipment.Its characteristics are small size, simple structure, large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, large production capacity, uniform product size, and selective crushing effect.The cobblestone crusher mainly relies on the interaction of the main shaft component and the eccentric sleeve component to crush the stone. The crushing parts are made of high-quality imported wear-resistant materials, with a lower overall failure rate and a longer service life.

Performance advantage

1. Durable wear resistance and long service life: the gap between the impact plate and the blower can be easily adjusted, and the discharge size can be effectively controlled,good particle shape,high chromium plate hammer, impact resistance, wear resistance and high impact force.

2. The finished product has good grain shape and uniform particle size: the cobblestone crusher has the functions of three-stage crushing and shaping, so the crushing ratio is large, the product shape is cubic, and the product can be crushed selectively.

3. Convenient maintenance: The whole machine has simple structure, few parts, low maintenance cost in later period, special counterattack gear plate, keyless connection, convenient maintenance.

4. Convenient adjustment of the finished material: the product shape is cubic, the discharging particle size is adjustable, and it is fully hydraulically opened, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of wearing parts, safe and reliable.

Working principle

When the cobblestone crusher is working, the motor rotates through the pulley or coupling, the drive shaft of the cone crusher, and the cone of the cone crusher, under the force of the eccentric sleeve, to rotate around a fixed point. As a result, the cone crushing wall is sometimes close to and away from the surface of the mortar wall fixed on the adjusting sleeve, so that the ore is continuously impacted, squeezed and bent in the crushing cavity to realize the crushing of the ore.

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