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Stone crusher

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Stone crusher

Product introduction

The stone crusher equipment is developed by the stone crushing principle and technology introduced by Shuguang machinery. The crusher improves the efficiency of crushing and sand making in the past and has a wider range of applications. Especially for the crushing of medium-hard, extra-hard and abrasive materials, such as silicon carbide, emery, magnesia, etc., the crushing effect is better than other types of crushers. It can be used with hydraulic protection jaw crusher to process metallurgical slag, especially suitable for construction sand and road construction sand.

Performance characteristics

Simple structure

Simple structure, low cost, stable operation and energy saving;

Low cost

The material self-lining in the impeller and vortex crushing cavity greatly reduces the cost of wearing parts and the maintenance workload;

Running smoothly

The stone crusher effectively solves the "iron pollution" problem in the crushing process of glass and other raw materials and the "steel stuck" problem in the process of steel slag crushing. The ingenious internal air flow self-circulation eliminates dust dispersion;

Energy saving

The equipment has reliable operation, convenient operation and energy saving, which not only meets the requirements for the quality of construction sand, but also makes up for the technical defects of the sand making industry.

What are the factors that affect the cost of stone crushers

1. The manufacturer's casting technology: the performance of equipment cast by different technologies will definitely be different, which will inevitably affect its ex-factory price.Among many manufacturers, the crushing machinery production technology they master is uneven, which means that the technical content of the finished equipment is different, and the price is naturally different.

2. The grade and unit price of raw materials purchased by the manufacturer: The manufacturing cost of the crushing machinery plays a decisive role in the formulation of the ex-factory price, and the manufacturing cost mainly depends on the grade and unit price of the raw materials. Different manufacturers cooperate with different raw material purchasers, and there will be differences in the grade and price of the purchase.

3. The manufacturer’s business strategy: each manufacturer has its own rules for customizing the ex-factory price that it considers reasonable, and some manufacturers will pursue substantial economic benefits and set the equipment price higher than the market price.Even if they will miss customers, they will still earn a lot of money from the customers who make the deal.There are also a small number of manufacturers who pursue a win-win situation with customers, setting the ex-factory price to a lower level, attracting more customers to come to buy, and win with the sales volume.

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