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TYD crawler type mobile crushing/screening station

Processing Capacity: 100-500t/h

Feeding size: 0-800mm

Applied material: mountain stones (bluestone, marble, granite, basalt, dolomite, sandstone, andesite, etc.), iron ore, molybdenum ore, ore tailings, construction waste, coal, glass, ceramics and other materials

Application field: sand, mineral processing, coal mine, concrete mixing station, dry mortar and other fields

TYD crawler type mobile crushing/screening station


Crawler type mobile crushing plant, also known as mobile crawler integrated crusher, is a kind of crushing equipment with high efficiency. It adopts self driving mode and has complete functions. Under any terrain conditions, it can reach any position of the working site. It has the advantages of high performance, high reliability and beautiful appearance. It is suitable for the crushing and processing of various kinds of mountain stones (bluestone, marble, granite, basalt, dolomite, sandstone, andesite, etc.), iron ore, molybdenum ore, ore tailings, construction waste, coal, glass, ceramics and other materials. It is widely used in sand, mineral processing, coal mine, concrete mixing station, dry mortar and other fields.

Structure and composition

The crawler type mobile crushing plant is composed of crusher, screening system, debris sorting device, conveying mechanism, vibrating feeder and self-propelled function.

1. Crusher

In the mobile crawler type crushing plant, the crusher is the core component, and the main task is to crush and treat the stone. Mobile crushing plant in the purchase, most of the time need to carry out custom production. Customers can tell their requirements to the manufacturer, we will make customized production according to your needs. Generally speaking, jaw crusher crushing plant, impact crusher crushing plant and cone crushing plant are widely used. This is because most of them are used for medium and fine crushing operations.

2. Screening system

In order to produce high-quality recycled aggregate, if it is difficult to complete the primary crushing according to the requirements, it is necessary to add a screening system to screen the larger particles of stones, and then transport them to the crusher for crushing again, so as to ensure the effective crushing and treatment of construction waste.

3. Sundry sorting device

A lot of sundries exist in materials. Take construction waste for example. In construction waste, especially a lot of waste iron wire and waste steel reinforcement materials exist in reinforced concrete. Therefore, it is necessary to set a debris sorting device into a mobile crusher to reduce the impact of waste iron wire and waste reinforcement on the performance of recycled concrete aggregate.

4. Vibrating feeder

If the stone is directly put into the crusher, it will have a great impact on the crusher. If it is done for a long time, it will lead to uneven stress and affect the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to install a vibration feeder in front of the crusher device. The biggest advantage of vibration feeder is that it can feed evenly. After vibrating the material, it moves forward and enters the crusher slowly. If the stone is small, it will fall in the gap between the bars, thus playing the role of screening.

5. Self propelled device

Tire type and crawler type walking mechanism are two important walking mechanisms in mobile crushing plant. The tire type walking mechanism is easy to walk on the ordinary highway, with small turning radius, and can quickly enter the construction site, with high flexibility and time saving. The crawler type walking mechanism can walk stably, has a low grounding pressure, and can effectively adapt to the wetland and mountain environment. It is usually applied to the full hydraulic drive system, which has high reliability and large driving force. This is like the two feet of an entire behemoth, which must be very flexible and powerful at the same time. Therefore, the design of the whole mobile crushing plant is a complex process.

Working principle 

The machine has strong mobility and can crush the materials on site, which avoids the material from being transported away from the site. In addition, many pollution factors such as noise reduction and dust reduction of equipment in the production process are reasonably solved, which can meet the needs of construction waste treatment as much as possible. Mobile crawler crushing plant can be customized according to the actual production needs of users to meet various needs of customers.

Performance characteristics 

Flexible transition and strong adaptability: in the design, combined with various requirements, the site can be flexibly transferred. It can be said that we can go as we go, and willful in all directions to solve a variety of production needs. It is not limited by the environment and site. It can quickly carry out site transfer operation. It can advance and retreat freely in a narrow space. It does not need much foundation, nor does it need piling costs. It does not skid when walking in winter.

Convenient operation, more cost-effective: in operation, one equipment can replace multiple equipment, and can complete the crushing of various sand and stone processing at one time, and realize the conversion of coarse, medium and fine crushing. Moreover, each work part can be folded and designed, which is convenient for transportation and cost saving. Besides, it is equipped with a grid screening channel. The particles screened out by different layers of nets are different according to the customer's discharging granularity Different layers of screens can be installed.

Intelligent operation, one person can control: centralized control by PLC control system, one key operation of production, intelligent adjustment can be realized. In addition, special crushing technology can pass a large amount and be more intelligent. With less impurities in finished materials, the particle size of finished products is uniform and orderly, and the utilization rate is improved. The particle size of finished products can be controlled and adjusted by users.

Energy saving, green and environmental protection: in the design, special high-efficiency motor is adopted, and the efficiency is not reduced in bad environment, so it is more energy-saving. In the design, combined with environmental protection problems, dust removal and noise reduction devices are adopted to avoid dust and noise generation, and have passed the environmental protection evaluation.

Technical parameter

Model Capacity(t/h) Hydraulic moving power(kw) Genset power(kw) Overall dimension(mm)
TYD200 100-200 50 150-370 13000*3000*3600
TYD300 150-300 50 200-440 15500*3200*3800
TYD500 200-500 50 320-800 16500*3200*3800

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