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Granite crusher

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Granite crusher

Product introduction

Granite is a widely distributed igneous rock with the advantages of hard texture, beautiful appearance, high strength, and good wear resistance.It is an ideal ore raw material in the fields of chemicals, building materials, water conservancy, highways, railways, etc., and its industrial utilization prospects are very broad.

Granite crusher is a suitable crushing equipment in the process of granite processing. It is specially developed by Shuguang Machine for the hardness and humidity of granite,which has good pertinence and professionalism, and its performance advantages are very significant. The following is the equipment Brief introduction of the structure, performance advantages and working principle of the machine.


The main structure includes flywheel, frame, movable jaw, side guard, eccentric shaft, toggle back seat, clearance adjusting screw, large pulley, toggle, return spring, fixed jaw, movable jaw, etc.;the structural design is relatively simple and novel and special, with a high degree of automation.


1. The crushed granite material has a more uniform particle size and a cubic shape, and the quality of the finished material is better, which is more in line with the material requirements for granite materials in the industrial field.

2. The special structure design makes the machine can handle granite relatively large, and the output and crushing efficiency are very high.

3. Flexible adaptability, can be produced in any environment, low failure rate during operation, and very high safety.

4. Large crushing ratio, ultra-low total energy consumption and power consumption, and low total cost.

5. The price of granite crusher is affordable and low, cost-effective, not much investment, and large income.

Working principle

The crushing of granite is mainly achieved by squeezing the two jaws. When working, the motor is started to drive the pulley to rotate, and the eccentric shaft is driven by the V-belt and the grooved wheel to rotate, and then the movable jaw performs a regular reciprocating movement. When the movable jaw is approaching the fixed jaw, the granite falling between the two jaws is crushed, crushed and crushed; when the movable jaw is on the pull rod , When leaving the fixed jaw plate under the action of the spring, the granite meeting the granularity will be discharged from the discharge port at the lower part of the crushing chamber, so that the granite is continuously fed and discharged, and finally the batch crushing operation is completed.

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