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Vacuum drum dryer

Processing Capacity: 1.5-20t/h

Feeding size:

Applied material: magnetic, heavy and float concentrates of metal and non-metallic minerals, clay of cement industry and coal slime of coal industry

Application field: chemical, metallurgy, building materials, mining and other industries

Vacuum drum dryer

Product introduction

Vacuum drum dryer is used to pre burn and dry all kinds of materials with large capacity. It can also be used in cement, lime, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries. The equipment is composed of main kiln and its supporting transmission device, cooling pipe, fuel oil system, electrical control, secondary air inlet device, exhaust dust removal device and preheating kiln body. It has the functions of over temperature alarm, overload alarm, automatic control of working temperature and adjustable oxygen in kiln.Vacuum drum dryer equipment room has large capacity and can be continuously produced. It is mainly composed of heating device, feeding device, transmission device, discharge part and tail gas dust removal device. The equipment has the advantages of large production capacity, wide application range, small fluid assistance, large allowable fluctuation range in operation, convenient operation, and controllable material water volume after drying.

Working principle

After the wet materials are put into the dryer, the materials are evenly distributed and dispersed in the dryer, and fully contact with the parallel (countercurrent) hot air, which accelerates the heat and mass transfer driving force of drying. In the drying process,the material can be adjusted and controlled to move to the other section of the dryer to discharge the finished product under the action of the inclined plate and the hot air flow.


1. It is required to dry at low temperature and require large quantities of continuous drying materials.

2. The rotary dryer is highly mechanized and has a large production capacity.

3. The resistance of fluid passing through the cylinder is small and the function consumption is low.

4. The adaptability to material characteristics is relatively strong.

5. Stable operation, low operating cost, good uniformity of product drying.

Technical data

Model Rotation speed(r/min) Slope(o) Inlet temperature(℃) Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Weight(t)
0.6*10 3.8-5 3-5 700 4-6 1.5-9 3.2
0.8*10 3.8-5 3-5 700 4-6 1.8-10 3.8
1.0*10 3.8-5 3-5 700 5.5-7.5 2.2-10 7.5
1.2*12 3-4 3-5 700 11-13 2.7-15 13.1
1.5*10 2.8-4 3-5 700 13-15 2.7-17 17.9
1.5*12 2.8-4 3-5 700 15-17 2.7-17 22.3
1.5*15 3 3-5 700 15-18.5 3.0*20 25.6
1.8*14 2-4 3-5 700 18.5 3-12 29
2.2*12 2-4 3-5 700 22 5-16 53
2.2*18 2-4 3-5 700 30 8-20 53

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