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6 components of hammer crusher

Hammer crushers are widely used in building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, mineral processing, construction and many other fields. They are mainly composed of six parts: frame, rotor, grate, liner, protection device and dustproof device.The following briefly introduces each part and its role in the operation of the machine.

1. Rack

The casing is composed of a lower body, a rear upper cover, a left side wall and a right side wall, and each part is connected into a whole by bolts. There is a feeding port on the upper part, and the inner wall of the casing is all lined with manganese steel liner, which can be replaced after wear. The lower body is welded by 20 and 40 mm ordinary carbon structural steel plates. In order to place bearings on both sides to support the rotor, the bearing supports are welded with steel plates. If there are no protective measures between the casing and the shaft, the dust leakage is very serious. In order to prevent dust leakage, a device called a shaft seal is usually placed on the casing.


The rotor is the main working part of the hammer crusher. The rotor is composed of the main shaft and the hammer frame. On the hammer frame, the hammer heads are suspended in three rows between the hammer frame with hammer head pins. In order to prevent the hammer frame and the hammer head from moving axially, the two ends of the hammer frame are fixed with a compression hammer plate and a lock nut. . The rotor is supported on two rolling bearings, and the bearings are fixed on the support of the lower frame with bolts. In addition to the bolts, there are two positioning pins to fix the center distance of the bearing. In addition, in order for the rotor to store a certain amount of kinetic energy during operation, a flywheel is installed at one end of the main shaft.


The grate bars are arranged in a circular arc shape perpendicular to the direction of movement of the hammer head and a certain clearance with the radius of rotation of the rotor. Qualified products can pass through the grate seam, and the material larger than the grate seam cannot be passed through the grate seam and will continue to be broken by the impact and grinding action of the hammer on the grate bar, and so on until the volume is reduced to pass the grate seam.

4.Pallets and liners

The hammer crusher beats the ore at a high speed with a hammer, and the ore has a great speed in an instant. In order to prevent the frame from being worn out, a manganese steel liner is installed on the inner wall of the frame. The percussion board is assembled by the components such as the pallet and the lining board. The pallet is welded with ordinary steel plates, and the lining plates above are all high manganese steel castings, the same material as the hammer head and grate bars. After assembling, use two shafts on the frame of the crusher. The feed angle can be adjusted by adjusting the screw, and it can be replaced when the wear is serious to ensure the quality of the product.

5.Overload protection device

Metal objects are a great threat to hammer crushers. In order to prevent metal objects from entering the crusher and causing accidents, generally hammer crushers have safety protection devices. A safety copper sleeve is installed on the main shaft of the hammer crusher, the pulley is sleeved on the copper sleeve, and the copper sleeve and the pulley are connected by a safety pin.When the hammer crusher enters metal objects or overloads, the pins are cut to protect it.

6.Sealed dust-proof device

The purpose of the seal is to prevent dust, moisture, etc. from entering between the bearing and the relatively moving parts, such as the meshing part of the gear roller teeth, and at the same time prevent the loss of lubricating oil. The quality of the seal directly affects the service life of rolling bearings and gear rollers, thereby affecting the working efficiency of the entire machine. Due to the harsh working environment of the hammer crusher, the labyrinth sealing method currently has a better sealing effect than the traditional felt sealing device. It has better dust-proof effect, less dust and low noise during production and operation, and it fully meets the relevant environmental protection standards.

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