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How to solve the strong vibration failure of the hammer crusher

There may be minor problems when the hammer crusher is running. How can we solve these problems? The following is a detailed introduction:

Problems in the use of hammer crushers and how to solve them

The main working part of the hammer crusher is a rotor with a hammer (also known as a hammer head). The body of the installed hammer crusher may vibrate strongly during the trial run. The main reasons for this situation are as follows:

1. The hammer was installed incorrectly when repairing and assembling the crusher. To prevent the weight of the rotor from losing balance when the hammers are used in reverse and U-turn, all the hammers in the crusher must be re-surfaced and turned, otherwise strong vibration will occur during operation;

2. Corresponding to the weight difference between the two sets of hammers exceeds 5g. The solution is to adjust the weight of the hammers so that the difference between the weights of the corresponding two sets of hammers is less than 5g;

3. Individual hammers may be stuck too tightly and not completely thrown off during operation. The solution is to rotate and observe by hand (manually) after the machine stops, so that the hammer can rotate flexibly;

4. The weight of other parts on the rotor is unbalanced. At this time, you need to carefully check and adjust the balance of the rotor;

5. The main shaft is bent and deformed. The solution is to straighten it, and it needs to be replaced when it is serious;

6. The bearing clearance exceeds the limit or has been damaged. To solve such problems, new bearings are generally adopted.

The above is about the reasons and solutions for the vibration of the hammer crusher, and I hope to provide reference opinions for the majority of users.

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