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Matching scheme between hammer crusher bearing and shaft

The reasonable coordination between the bearing and the shaft of the hammer crusher provides favorable conditions for solving the interrelationship of the parts in the machine and ensuring the smooth cooperation of each part to complete the scheduled production task.

Therefore, the correct selection and coordination of hammer crusher bearings and shafts is very important in the design of the equipment. When selecting, the priority tolerance zone and priority fit method can be used, followed by the tolerance zone and common fit, and finally the general purpose tolerance zone. If necessary, the required hole, shaft tolerance zone and fit can be formed according to standard tolerances and basic deviations.

Commonly used coordination schemes for hammer crushers

According to the method of calculation, although the conditions and results are not completely consistent with reality, it has certain guiding significance. With the development of science and technology and the intelligentization of auxiliary equipment,this method will be implemented and promoted as soon as possible.

For those with special requirements for production, the coordination between the bearing and the shaft needs to be specially adjusted. This process requires special testing and technical support, so that the equipment can obtain better working performance and exert better production capacity.

The most commonly used coordination scheme in production is to refer to typical examples that have been applied in practice and achieve satisfactory results, and the coordination is selected according to the analogy method through comparative analysis.

Use requirements and working conditions

Under normal circumstances, there are three requirements for the use of hole and shaft fit: Clearance fit is suitable for relative movement after assembly, and interference fit is suitable for load transfer after assembly; For precise positioning requirements after assembly, or need to be disassembled , should choose transitional fit or small clearance or small interference fit program. The following is a specific analysis of these three options:

(1) For the clearance fit, it is affected by many factors, such as the size of the clearance and the movement speed, movement accuracy, load size and characteristics, lubrication method, lubricating oil viscosity, working temperature, bearing structure and hole, shaft material characteristics, etc. The geometric accuracy of the parts and so on.

(2) For the transition fit, the accuracy and adjustability of the positioning guide, the frequency of assembly and disassembly are mainly considered, and for the transition fit that bears the load, the nature and size of the load should also be considered,and whether to use auxiliary fasteners and other factors.

(3) For interference fit, we must first consider factors such as the nature and size of the bearing load, the material selection of the coupling, and the application of the assembly method.

Hammer crusher is an important crushing equipment for sand and gravel production line. Good coordination between bearings and shafts can greatly promote the life of the equipment and improve the efficiency.

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