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Can a hammer crusher produce sand

Stone crusher is a machine that breaks stones into pebbles. There are dozens of types such as jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, and hammer crushers. So can a rock crusher produce sand?

Can a rock crusher produce sand?

The hammer crusher is a crusher that directly crushes materials with a particle size of 600-1800 mm into 25 or less than 25 mm. It is used to crush medium-hard materials such as limestone, slag, and coke in the cement, chemical, electric, and metallurgical industries. For the medium and fine crushing of coal and other materials, the hammer crusher can be used to produce sand.

How much is a machine for producing sand?

What is the price of the machine for producing sand? The prices on the market vary. The price of the equipment is usually affected by many factors such as the production area, manufacturer, model, and technology. The price of the equipment varies. The main factors that specifically affect the price of the machine for producing sand are analyzed as follows.

1. Regional differences

The level of consumption in different regions is different, and the manufacturing cost of the equipment for the production of sand is different. For the equipment produced in big cities, the starting point for the cost of manufacturing equipment should be higher, and the overall price of the equipment should be higher, like the consumption in Henan. The level is low, the starting point for the manufacturing cost of the equipment is low, and the equipment price is generally low.

2. The manufacturer's sales model

Different sand-producing machinery manufacturers have different sales models. Some manufacturers sell at high profits, and the equipment prices will be higher. Just like the sales model of  shuguang Machinery Manufacturers is to sell at low profits and make profits by volume. The overall price is lower.

3. Selection criteria

Different series of sand production machinery and equipment have the same model and size, and the price of the equipment has certain differences. Like ordinary sand production machines, the price is relatively low.The price of sand production machines with advanced technology and high performance is higher.

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