The advantages of scrapped diesel barrel shredders


How can scrap metal such as scrapped diesel barrels, paint buckets, iron barrels, and petrol barrels be treated to meet the standards for the use of renewable resources? Zhengzhou Shuguang Machinery Co., Ltd. can tell you from the experience of processing scrap metal processing and processing for many years that the use of a double shredder shredder will be the main way to solve this type of metal waste. Since tin barrels are usually thin and light-weight materials, they have a relatively high economic cost during transportation and smelting. Once again, due to the residual of various waste weights of Tong, the quality of metal smelting will be reduced. The use of a double shredder shredder for this purpose will be a good way for you to solve the crushing of large-diameter hollow bodies. Why use a double shredder shredder? It is preferred to choose a small double shredder shredder from the cost of investment will be much lower than the price of selecting a large metal crusher, and the crushing machine will work twice more efficiently than the metal crusher in the crushing process performance. Maintenance costs The double shredder shredder blade replacement cycle is much longer than the metal crusher replacement cycle, which results in a much lower cost of use of the double shredder shredder than the metal crusher. In terms of safety, the double shredder shredder is a shear-type low-speed crusher and the metal crusher is a hitting-type high-speed crusher. The shredder is much higher than a metal crusher in terms of safety and controllability.

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