Essential for recycling rubber products is the tire shredder


The rubber powder industry is the direction of comprehensive utilization of used tire resources. A new industry with high technological content and great market potential, with broad market prospects, is a very promising recycling method that integrates environmental protection and resource recycling. It is also an expert. Advocate the development of the best use of circular economy. The most important equipment in the recycling of rubber resources is the tire shredder. A complete set of tire shredder production lines disposes of used tires and waste miscellaneous plastics at room temperature. The equipment is equipped with a wind-cooled cooling system, a micro-dusting device, an atomizing spray system, and the like. In addition, independent dust removal can be performed according to the user's special raw materials. Fiber equipment.
The tire shredder produced by Zhengzhou Shuguang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. features:
1. Save on transportation costs and landfill fees. Some rubbish in life is very large, such as: furniture rubbish, wood rubbish... If we take it directly to the landfill, we can imagine that the transportation cost is very expensive. Many people think that China's current landfills are free of charge. It is actually a misunderstanding that the waste fees we usually pay have already included the costs paid to landfills. In the United States, the garbage is sent to landfills as landfills. The volume of the paid, in other words, the greater the volume of your garbage, the more you pay the cost, because the United States to deal with garbage will be the first to crush the garbage in order to achieve the purpose of cost savings.
2. Recycle rubber waste. In fact, many rubber products in our lives can be recycled and reused. As long as we shred it into small enough particles, we can put it in the extruder and melt it out and use it. However, the key point is that the rubber waste particles used for feeding must be small enough, because the process before the extrusion granulation process generally breaks down rubber products such as tires. People’s lives today are inseparable from cars, and they also generate large amounts of tire rubber waste. Recycling tires is a big market. The tire shredder is a good helper for efficient and practical recycling of rubber products.

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