Reasons to reduce tire shredder working efficiency


Tire shredder is characterized by simple structure, simple operation and simple tearing. It is precisely these characteristics that make up this tire shredder with strong recovery and high efficiency.
Because the tire shredder can tear up many kinds of materials, the garbage and waste left by various industries can basically be recycled, waste tires, rubber, waste paper, wood, glass, metal, iron pins, plastics, etc.The inconsistency of material types can lead to greatly reduced work efficiency, impact on productivity, and even damage to equipment during processing. 
Reduce production productivity  or even damage equipment, the main reason is still from materials.If the material is too hard, the shredder can not completely tear, and the efficiency is very low, it is difficult to tear; if the material contains moisture, such as plastic waste paper, shredding because of water causes the material to stick to the blade, stuck in the bearings or cracks, will cause blockage card machine. There are too many impurities in the materials, so the low quality of the processed materials will affect the efficiency. If wearable parts of the equipment have good wear resistance, the tearing efficiency is high.
Tearing up many kinds of materials every day will make the equipment suffer from different degrees of wear and tear, so it is important to find out the reason, and then solve the problem fundamentally, in order to keep the processing efficiency at a high level.

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