New aluminum crusher equipment has new vitality


The new aluminum crusher equipment has new vitality, environmental protection issues play a decisive role in the process of urbanization, more and more people are beginning to devote themselves to the waste canning industry, more and more high-quality plastic pipe Shredding machines are needed by the market and the development of a recyclable economy has become an inevitable choice for the society at hand.
The equipment can be used to scrape the waste pipes by tearing and tearing large pieces of pipes into pieces of 5-10 cm. It is the first step for pipe recycling. The equipment has introduced advanced foreign technologies and is based on existing domestic foundations. R & D and production, with world-class standards, is composed of motors, speed reducers, imported movable knives, fixed knives, machine bases and other major structures. The rack is equipped with one fixed knives, and the knives are equipped with multiple movable handles. Knives and moving knives can be used on a four-corner surface to remove the replacement angle, which can achieve automation, rationalization and labor saving, effectively reduce labor intensity, and improve the working environment.
New industries, new types of equipment and concepts have all contributed to a more and more professional field of shredder equipment. Now when technicians research and develop, they take into account the nature of equipment objects, such as metal shredders, and the level of technology. The requirements, how to achieve the most reasonable configuration, and also the stable operation of the system.

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