Raymond Mill has high powder rate


Barite has a wide range of application prospects, and it has a large amount of reserves in many areas in China. Among them, Guizhou Province is a large province with abundant barite mineral resources in China, only after Guangxi, as a barite producer. The introduction of high-tech milling machinery equipment can further enhance the processing efficiency of barite and create greater value. Zhengzhou  Shuguang is focused on the R&D and manufacturing of Raymond Mills. The principle of the new barite Raymond Mill produced is scientific, and it is an excellent tool for assisting the rapid development of the Guizhou Barite Industry.
Barite is one of the important chemical minerals in Guizhou Province. The data show that the reserve of barite reserves in Guizhou Province is 13,086,460 tons, accounting for 34.66% of the national total (37755.56). The main deposits are deep hot water deposition, shallow hydrothermal fluids and residual slope accumulation, with deep hot water deposition as the main type. Divided by type of ore, there are "black mine" and "white mine" two. "Black ore" is mainly used as a raw material for the production of yttrium salt, and "white ore" is mainly used as a raw material for fine powder and ultra-fine powder. Guizhou Province is the most important barium salt production base in the country and even in the world. In addition to the simple processing of traditional barite to produce drilling mud weighting agents and filler products, the barium salt industry is a feature of Guizhou Province. Guizhou has the saying “the world is salt in China and China is salt in Guizhou”. As a high-tech enterprise, Zhengzhou Shuguang conducts in-depth market research and market-oriented, and Seiko manufactures high-quality Raymond Mill equipment to help the efficient development and utilization of Guizhou Barite Mineral Resources.
The Shuguang barite Raymond Mill is a high-quality mill equipment for the upgrading of traditional mills. In the field of powder equipment manufacturing, Zhengzhou Shuguang combines the current status of barite powder milling and builds an exclusive pulverizing production line based on customers. The high-tech enterprise of the solution, the Shuguang Barite Raymond Mill covers a number of patented technologies and has achieved great breakthroughs and improvements in all performance indicators. In particular, the production capacity is higher than that of the R-type machine with the same power. More than 40%, unit power consumption costs can save more than 30%, the entire system uses a forced turbine grading system, the classification accuracy is finer, can produce 80-600 mesh high-quality powder, to meet the needs of different industries for the production of barite powder, to help companies Improve market competitiveness and create value.

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