Extensive use of scrap furniture shredding machine


Discarded furniture is produced almost every hour, and most of them are disposed of in urban garbage. In fact, as long as the calculation is simple, the results will be astonishing. The average annual total amount of municipal solid waste in China is about thirty billion tons. Due to the continuous development of the real estate market, all kinds of wood waste occupies a large proportion. If it is recycled, the economic value and social value created are immeasurable.
With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more wood waste, like waste building template, waste wood floor, old furniture, logistics packaging box, constantly polluted our living environment, and also added a lot of pressure to the garbage transfer station. In fact, these abandoned wood can be processed and used again.
If a large amount of recycling of waste wood is reused, the quality is good through crushing and crushing to make wood chips, fiber boards or various disassembly and disassembly furniture, and can be reused to make packaging materials. Wood without processing value can be sold as biofuel to power plants for boiler power generation, avoiding waste wood being directly buried and incineration, indirectly protecting forest resources and creating economic value.

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