Daily maintenance of plastic shredding machine


The plastic shredder is used to tear up HDPE plastic products and materials, which is beneficial to plastic recycling and reclaiming plastic granules. For example, mineral water bottles, PET bottles, oil bottles, gasoline bottles, tearing machines, plastic barrels, etc. It has brought great help to our life. So how do we maintain it in our daily life?
1. Choose the motor equipment with enough power, it can be a big horse drawn cart. It is suitable for the motor to have the power that is higher than the need of the plastic tearing machine. Otherwise, it is easy to have insufficient power, or the heavy load of the motor, which is difficult to produce for a long time.
2. Inspect the fragile parts of the plastic shredder regularly. If necessary, replace immediately instead of using it for difficulty and saving manpower. The tearing machine is prone to problems.
3. Weekly lubrication of the bearings inside the machine to ensure that the bearings have better rotation force, reduce friction pressure, so that bearings longer life.
4. Once the plastic tearing machine fails, the machine stops immediately and keeps the staff away. The metal tearing machine effectively reduces the operation until the machine is completely stopped running.

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