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Tire shredder is a production and treatment equipment for disposing of waste tires. It mainly tears waste tires into rubber blocks for recycling and reprocessing. At present, there are so many scrap tyres piled up, a large number of tyres and rubber waiting to be treated, and tyre recycling sources are wide.
Tire shredder is a kind of machine used for fine crushing. Tire shredder is generally used to deal with raw materials or corners which are not processed, so that its size is smaller. A representative example is to tear the edges of plastic or rubber into pieces and melt them into granules to make plastic bottles, tires or garbage cans. In fact, what we call shredders are metal shredders, plastic shredders and so on.
Tire shredder is widely used to tear hard-to-break plastics, waste plastics, waste rubber, wood, paint bucket, waste household appliances shell (plastic shell, metal shell), large tires, large nylon materials, rubber head materials, large fish nets, large pipes, fibers, plastic bags, tires, paint buckets, wire, wire rope paper and its. It has a large volume of waste.
The rubber tearing machine manufactured by our company adopts blade knife structure between claw knife and flat knife. It is suitable for crushing all rubber products, such as ordinary waste rubber, waste tires, corners and inner and outer tires of electric vehicles. Universal rubber tearing equipment uses sealed bearings to keep the bearings running well for a long time. The cutter design is reasonable and the products are even in granulation. The cutter base is heat treated and the shape design is beautiful and generous. All steel welded seat, durable. The blade is easy to disassemble, easy to replace and durable. It is easy to crush all kinds of soft and hard rubber. Different sieve mesh holes can be selected to determine the size of material particles required.

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