Attention should be paid to when operating rubber shredder


First, let's look at the adjustment of triangular belt tightness of rubber shredder. When the triangle belt is too tight, the bearing of the motor is heated, the speed decreases when it is too loose, and the triangle belt is also slippery, which will affect the service life. When adjusting the tension of the triangular belt, the bolt of the fixed motor base can be loosened, and the orientation of the motor on the slideway can be changed by adjusting the bolt. After the triangular belt reaches the required tightness, the fixed bolt can be tightened.
In addition, attention should be paid to the rubber shredder motor after a certain period of operation, the need for refueling or turning over the cleaning bearings, starting with lithium-based lubricant, to restore the lubricity of bearings.
There are also rubber shredder spindle in high-speed operation, if the spindle and cutting tool are not centrifugal, not only will affect the shaping degree of processing materials and product yield, but also will affect the additional operation.
Finally, it should be noted that the power cord of the rubber shredder motor should not be too long or surrounded. This simple form of motor under-voltage or under-current, I know that the motor operation voltage is 380 volts, the operation current on the motor nameplate are marked. The rated current of the wire must be greater than the rated current of the motor. Otherwise, the motor will simply be heated or burned under the condition of under-voltage or under-current.
Operating rubber shredder to pay attention to the above matters can reduce considerable losses for shredder equipment. These details are summarized by our manufacturers'experience for many years. Therefore, I hope that users and friends can keep these contents in mind and improve the efficiency of equipment work is important. If you don't know any questions during the operation of rubber shredder, you can contact our Jihong Machinery Manufacturer. We will help you to answer them in the first time and reduce the loss of customers to less.

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