Maintenance Skills of Tire shredder Reducer


Reducer plays an irreplaceable role in the production process of shredder, but it is the most easily ignored link in daily maintenance. So, what maintenance skills does the reducer of the tyre shredder have?
Before the tire shredder is manufactured to the user, the scrap tire shredder manufacturer will make a few simple tests on the performance of the equipment and test the machine, but it still needs further running-in to reach the user. We will position the running-in period at 300 hours, then speed down and change the reducer oil after reaching the time limit, and adopt the gear oil on the market. Yes, but attention should be paid to the brand and model of the gear oil to be changed. While replacing the gear oil of the reducer, attention should be paid to cleaning the impurities in the box. Tire shredder, used tire shredder, rubber leather shredder, small tire shredder, tire shredder manufacturer, medium-sized tire shredder, dawn tire shredder, automobile tire shredder
In addition, we should also pay attention to the influence of temperature on the reducer. In summer, the tire shredder works for a long time. We should pay attention to whether the temperature of the reducer is too high and whether there is noise. If there is any, please stop the reducer immediately to check and clean up the obstacles. High temperature has a great impact on the lifetime of the reducer, so as to avoid this. In winter, when the temperature is low and minus 10 degrees Celsius, we should use the tyre shredder, pay attention to the smoothness of the reducer, too low temperature will make the lubricating oil become thick, oil will not flow into the top of the box as usual in summer, if the machine is directly used at this time, it will speed up the wear degree of the reducer, if necessary. To do so, it is advisable to add electric heating in advance so that the temperature of the reducer can be raised before it can be used. Also, attention should be paid to the vibration and sound of the reducer during the period.

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