Tips on maintenance of jaw crusher


The wear phenomenon of jaw crusher in daily operation is inevitable. Regular maintenance is the method to extend the service life of jaw crusher. We will introduce the detail maintenance method of mining jaw crusher for you.
1. After the crusher operates normally, the feeding can be started. The materials to be crushed shall be evenly added into the jaw crusher cavity, and side feeding shall be avoided to prevent sudden load change or unilateral sudden increase
2. Under normal working conditions, the temperature rise of the bearing shall not exceed 35 ℃, and the maximum temperature rise shall not exceed 70 ℃. If the temperature is over 70 ℃, stop the vehicle immediately, find out the cause and eliminate it;
3. First of all, use lubricating oil, which can greatly reduce the wear between machines, and often lubricate the machine, so that the machine can operate normally and extend their service life relatively.
4. It is also very important to choose which lubricant is used for the lubrication of jaw crusher. This is to consider the operating conditions of the equipment and the weather conditions. Generally speaking, it is better to use calcium base grease.
5. The grease added into the bearing seat is 50-70% of its volume, and it must be replaced every three months. Clean the roller and bearing slideway carefully with clean gasoline when changing oil;
6. Pay attention to the use of clean oil in the place of oil filling, and replace it regularly.
7. Before starting the jaw crusher, a proper amount of lubricant should be injected between the thrust plate and the thrust plate support to reduce the wear in the work, bring a good working environment to the machine and effectively extend the service life.
8. The contact between the elbow plate and the elbow plate pad must be filled with grease before starting the machine
9. In operation, pay attention to the temperature of the bearing, keep the bearing in a good lubrication state, and pay attention to whether the sound and vibration are abnormal. In case of any abnormal condition, stop the vehicle and check whether it is stuck by objects that are not easy to be broken, or whether the parts are damaged.
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