Causes of load phenomena in the production of wood shredders


Compared with other types of shredders, wood is relatively easy to shred, so when you tell the operation, the load will increase. In the wood industry, the relative material of wood is also different, so it will produce Meet the fluctuations, so when using different screens, it has a great impact on the load of the wood shredder. When using a sieve with a sieve diameter of 1.2 mm, the motor capacity should be 40 kW; when using a sieve with a sieve diameter of 2 mm, the motor capacity should be 30 kW; when using a sieve with a sieve diameter of 3 mm, the motor The capacity should be 22 kilowatts, otherwise it will cause some waste. The method for overloading the wood shredder has its own set of methods to detect: 1 Directly use the contact level gauge to indicate the level of material in the comminution chamber, ie to know the load. 2 Weigh the delivery volume of the wood belt shredder feeder belt conveyor with a belt scale. 3 Calculated by crushing and screening the closed loop system's cyclic load. The current value in the motor circuit of the wood crusher is detected, and the current during operation of the crusher is generally controlled at about 85% of the rated current. In the multi-stage comminution, generally only the last stage of the crusher is controlled to control the particle size of the final product. This crusher is usually in a closed circuit system, and the feed amount includes the amount from the previous crushing stage and the cyclic load.

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