How to solve the metal crusher failure caused by low temperature?


How to solve the metal crusher failure caused by low temperature. With the arrival of a new cold air, there has been a wide range of cooling and snowfall in the northern regions. The winter cold has brought a lot of inconvenience to people. We must pay attention to keeping warm and also pay attention to the correct maintenance and maintenance of machinery and equipment. Many customers are concerned that low temperatures can easily cause abnormal damage to certain parts of the crusher, or its mechanical properties are hindered. When using metal crusher production in winter, if it is used improperly, it will cause some minor faults, such as slow start-up of machinery, increase of gear load or abnormal sound inside the machine. These conditions are basically the most common mechanical failures in the winter. To avoid this failure, users need to take protective measures to ensure that the production of the metal crusher production line in winter is not affected. In winter, the metal crusher is used for production. Be sure to install the equipment in an indoor environment or a covered production site to prevent freezing due to low temperatures after rain and snow are wet, resulting in freezing of mechanical components.
For the slow start of machinery, its main occurrence is when it is first started in the morning. Because the temperature at night is lower than zero, the metal crusher may start slowly due to temperature freezing. Solution: Users can adjust the indoor temperature to control the temperature. The machine can be raised indoors to raise the temperature. The majority of gear load is due to the unqualified quality of the lubricant (lubricant) used by the user, which causes a chemical reaction due to temperatures below zero, resulting in increased gear friction. Solution: Users must purchase qualified lubricants ( Lubricants). When the internal sound of the metal crusher machine has abnormal sound, or the material residue inside the cavity is not cleaned, the user does not need to worry too much, but if it is not produced for a long time, it needs to clean the material inside the cavity. The correct maintenance and maintenance of the metal crusher directly affects the service life and the effect of the equipment. Attention to the mechanical maintenance can make the equipment use better.

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