Shredder has become an essential product in the field of environmental protection


We all know that the per capita reserves of important mineral resources in China are not high, and the shortage of important resources has seriously restricted the economic development. The high consumption of resources has caused serious environmental pollution and ecological destruction. At present, although the ecological environment in China has been partly improved, the trend of the overall deterioration has not been fundamentally reversed. We have come to realize that the extensive traditional high input, high consumption, high emission and low efficiency of the mode of growth has come to an end, if not speed up the transformation of economic growth mode, the construction of a conservation oriented society, resources difficult to continue, the environment unbearable; it should be in accordance with the law to promote circular economy to determine the formation; reduce reuse the principle of "resource recycling process; resources - products - renewable resources", to build a full recovery mode of circular economy and utilization of renewable resources, to achieve dynamic balance between man and nature, resources and environment, economy and society, promote the coordinated development of the economic system and ecological environment system.
Since the development of the shredder industry, has appeared to produce a surplus phenomenon, especially in the economic downturn, more able to show up at the same time the shredder manufacturers is still increasing, the expansion of the scale of profit space is compressed, relying on the expansion of investment and increase the amount of way already can not adapt to the new stage in the development of requirements, tear machine industry must carry out the profound development transformation from product quality, technology and market environment etc. A tearing machine doesn't seem to have complex structural design as a whole, but good equipment needs good maintenance and cleaning to prolong the service life and improve sales efficiency. Today, our professional shredder manufacturers is a brief introduction of a few points on sale in some matters needing attention: 1. Equipment with organic mechanic, to understand correctly the maintenance, cleaning and solve common problems of equipment, so it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive understanding and familiar with the equipment. 2. Equipment at the beginning of the start of the power supply sales, feed must be uniform, and should be small and large, so as not to cause a heavy load burning motor phenomenon when the start of the start. 3. When the equipment is cleaned, it is not flushed with cold water. It is found that the lining plate and the side liner must be replaced in time when the wear is serious. The 4. Hammer should be checked once a week, when the material is coarse or when the finished product is reached, the hammer should be replaced in time.

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