Weight of two groups of hammer in metal shredding machine


The weight difference between the two groups is 5 grams. The elimination method is to adjust the weight of the hammer, so that the difference between the two groups of weights is less than 5 grams. Individual hammers are too tight, and metal shredders are not thrown away. When the machine can be stopped, the hand is rotated to observe, to make the hammer turn flexibly, the manufacturer of the metal tearing machine, the other parts on the rotor of the metal rip machine are unbalance, then the balance should be examined and adjusted carefully. The spindle of a metal tearing machine is flexed. The solution is to straighten out or replace it. The bearing clearance of the metal shredder exceeds the limit or damage. In general, replacement of new bearings can be used to solve the problem. Metal shredder bottom fixing nut is not fixed or loose in operation. The solution is to fasten. Zhengzhou Shuguang Mechanical metal crusher has many functions and high efficiency, so that customers can laugh at it with pleasure. More metal shredder equipment, please call or leave a message.

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