How does the blade of the shredding machine be worn?


The blade of the shredding machine is an important part of the shredding machine. If it is worn or blunt, the blade will be repaired or replaced in time. The shredding machine tool will affect the shredder effect of the whole equipment after blunt. It has to be repaired in time, and the inspection and maintenance of the blade of the shredding machine should be done in the usual time.
The grinding of a shredding cutter is not the same as that of other tools. The other types of mechanical blades are basically grinding with a grinder on the plane or the edge of the blade, and the particularity of the structure of the shredding machine tool. The design of the multi clawed blade makes the grinder unable to repair it, and the single plane grinding of the blade will result in the grinding of the blade. The gap between the blades is too large to seriously affect the use.
Then how should the cutter of the shredder be grinding? The first thing we need to know is that the wear of the blade of a shredding machine is mainly the wear of the cutter's claws, and the simplest way to repair it is to polish the inside of the blade with a polishing machine until the blade is sharp. Attention must be made to grind along the arc of the knife claw, and must be perpendicular to the plane of the blade of the shredder, so that the loss of the original cutter body will be minimal.

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