Factors affecting the life of rubber crusher blades


No matter which type of machine is made up of multiple components, the important vulnerable parts will be seriously worn out after long operation of the equipment and have a direct impact on the normal operation of the equipment. In the long run, the rubber grinder will wear and reduce its life expectancy. Since this has caused the impact on the quality of its broken production, it is necessary to replace the cutting tools in time to ensure the stability of the production efficiency. Then which of the reasons will reduce the life of the rubber crusher blades?
1. For example, under different conditions, bad weather will bring rust and heavy weight to the machine in rainy weather.
2. Different materials, materials have many kinds of brittle, medium and hard, and some are not in the broken range of rubber crusher. When the rubber crusher's cutter meets the unsuitable material, it will greatly consume the life of the tool.
3. Irregular maintenance inspection, and other maintenance workers have no time concept, lazy, this will often forget the inspection and maintenance of the machine, the machine is not responsible. The same has led to a shorter life of the rubber crusher.

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