Tire shredder is a equipment for recycling waste rubber


It is known that the number of waste tires is very large every year, but under this huge number, only a few of them are fully recycled, most of them are wasted, resulting in a huge waste of resources. Some automobile tyres are not seriously worn and can be sold for a second sale to continue to use. They can be sold to retrofitters or fire repairers or sleeve processors for processing, and then continue to use them through a tire repairing master or directly sold to drivers. The worn and worn tyres (scrap) are sold to the appropriate processing plants for splitting, tearing or refining, and then further processing. Can be made into a variety of rubber products are directly made into rubber products, such as steel cord cloth, nylon cord cloth, old tire basin, etc.
Waste tires are processed and recycled through tire shredder equipment to produce re-rubber powder and recycled rubber. It is a promising recycling method integrating environmental protection and resource recycling. It is a scientific, reasonable and widely used way to deal with the recycling of waste rubber. There is no secondary pollution in rubber powder production. The utilization ratio of waste tires is 100%. It can be extended to a new product with high added value and recycling ability. For example, sports track, school playground, Expressway modified asphalt, rubber hose, rubber shoes, rubber conveyor belt, rubber floor tiles and other products. The development of rubber powder industry is the direction of comprehensive utilization of waste tire resources, and it is also an industry strongly supported by many countries all over the world.

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