The advantages of Shuguang's new shredder equipment


Tearing equipment is a kind of equipment that can tear up a variety of material. At present, it is popular in the market, such as plastic tearing machine and metal tearing machine. Our company is a professional R & D manufacturer of tearing equipment. The latest new type of tearing machine is very powerful. On the basis of the original double shaft tearing machine, the equipment is equipped with a tearing chamber and a set of shaft design concepts, especially for a few tearing materials, such as woven bags, broken fishing nets, tons of bags, plastic, easy to wound material and material, and more easily mastered in the control of the size of the material, the thickness of the upper and lower layers. Thin to control the size of material, truly realize the function of one machine with multiple functions. In recent years, the rip machine produced by our company has many varieties, complete models, large and medium sized and small, if the customer wants to carry on the field inspection to the pipe rip machine, we can provide you with the trial machine free site for free, and ensure that you see its performance and production, and the best proof is the fact that it is the best proof of the user. Without any doubt, we can buy our products at ease.
How to solve the blockage of the tires tearing machine. Tearing equipment in normal production, if long time does not clean up, it is easy to cause blockage, thus affecting production efficiency, our company as a professional plastic tear machine normal manufacturers, after years of experience for the comprehensive analysis of several solutions. 1, the design of the equipment itself is unreasonable, so that the equipment itself has a problem of 2, the speed of the raw material is too fast, the power matching is little 3, the pipe is blocked, the conveyor is empty, the output of the material is not 4, the water content of the raw material is too high and the viscosity is big.

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