Equipment protection for the reversing system of double shaft metal shredder


The double shaft metal shredder is also called a double shaft metal crusher. Compared with a single-axis metal crusher, the crusher has a larger crushing ratio, a more stable equipment operation and a higher safety factor. For a strong tearing device, if a protective device is not installed in the circuit part of the device, it is very easy to cause the double-axis crusher to get stuck and cause the current to increase and cause the motor to burn out. For such problems, Zhengzhou Shuguang Machinery has achieved the role of changing the spindle steering and protecting the motor by limiting the current. In the formulation of protection effects, Zhengzhou Shuguang Machinery uses thermal switches and torque measuring devices as the main sensor control systems.
As a two-rotor metal crusher, its main working part is a pair of relatively rotating rollers equipped with spirally arranged gear teeth. After the material enters the machine, it is bitten and sheared by gear teeth made of intertwined high-hardness, wear-resistant material and is chipped, broken, and crushed to below the set size and forced out of the machine. The principle of equipment in different industries have different names: metal shredder, coal grading crusher, domestic garbage crusher, construction waste crusher.
Since the double shaft metal shredder is mostly used for hard material smash processing, it is very important to select the shredder with self-locking control and reversal device in the equipment selection, which can effectively protect the equipment circuit part and the main shaft claw teeth. The sensor control or current sensing control will be able to protect the motor and the equipment circuit and the blade, and play a good role in protecting your production safety.

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