Double shaft shredder equipment environmental protection and technology


The dual axis tearing machine is a new product of modernization, and its use is very extensive. Waste shredder equipment on double shaft old city after the demolition of the building, also can be effective after the pieces of recycling equipment, double shaft shredder launch by the local government and relevant departments of the recognition, construction waste treatment equipment was born, saves the manpower and material resources, protect the environment and health. And it can be better applied to society and a better society. So far, dual axis tearing machine has been widely praised by customers both at home and abroad.
Double shaft shredder equipment and technology is carried out in the research and development of new equipment and production of shredders, in addition to improving product quality, product performance, the company also follow the concept of society, the city construction waste disposal as a responsibility, pay attention to environmental protection and construction waste destruction of public construction waste recycling industry can continue to carry out. To promote energy saving and environmental protection. The construction of the waste disposal industry developing, increasing, more and more construction waste disposal equipment and technology will be very good to promote the building to carry out waste disposal industry, to promote energy-saving environmental protection work and sand capital can continue to produce, believe building waste disposal market will be more broad prospects!
The double shaft tearing machine is produced by absorbing the advanced technology of Germany. The technology is excellent, the performance is advanced, the operation is reliable, and the closed gear box and the belt wheel are set up. Not only has it solved the problem of environmental pollution, but the waste is used to produce green sand. Zhengzhou dawning heavy industry specializing in the production of dual shredder equipment, the equipment we produce advanced technology, environmental protection and energy saving, high production efficiency.

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