The quality of a double shaft shredder depends on its blade


The quality of the double shaft shredder is determined by its blade. The quality of the blade is mainly determined by its material. The material used to make the double shaft shredder blade is based on the material of the shredded product. It was decided that materials like Cr12MoV should be chosen for shredding car tires, and the important reason for determining the service life of the blade is the operation of the machine operator.
When we feed material to the feed port, we must check whether there is scrap metal or some hard material in the shredded material. If there is, we should clean it in time to avoid causing the double shaft shredder blade to tear when it is shredded. The collapse of the mouth and the fact that it is necessary to inspect the blades of the twin-shaft shredder blades before the work day, and if there are any, replace the blades as soon as possible. Because the blades are damaged, you do not know when they will fall off. Falling off in the material box will cause all the blades of a set to be scrapped. In severe cases, it will also cause casualties for the operators. So we only strictly abide by the rules in the materials and daily production operations of the double shaft shredder blades. And diligent in checking.

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