The quality of the bicycle crusher determines the market


The quality of bicycle crusher is an important factor to decide the market. Zhengzhou Shuguang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a project of R & D, manufacturing and production line that specializes in power, gold control, chemical industry, building materials and other industries, and has achieved fruitful results in technical projects such as environmental technology consultation, dust removal, dust removal and energy saving drying equipment. The technical cooperation between universities and scientific research institutions has successively developed energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, high efficiency sorting equipment and material drying equipment. The company has realized the strategic layout of the demonstration and promotion of environmental protection technology and equipment in the power, gold, medium and small boilers and other industries. From the technical analysis, the main structural features of the bicycle crusher: the fuselage adopts the reinforced structure with the special thick steel plate and the inclined bracing, which can ensure the super load requirement of the powerful crushing of the machine, and the "tenon" structure is adopted in the direct force part to further improve the reliability of the machine. The lining board and the hammer head use special wear-resistant material to improve the service life; the hammer head adopts the movable installation structure. Once the breakers are not broken into the crusher, they can be sheded and avoided. At the same time, the breakable discharge door of the crusher can be opened and it is removed from the machine to reduce the damage to the machine. The spindle with high speed rotation with hammers and spacers and unique bottom grid structure are the guarantee of high production efficiency. The hydraulic double roller roller compacting device, as the feeding pre treatment mechanism of the crusher, can compress and plastic the thin shell and light metal components with larger size, and turn into the material that can enter the throat of the crusher into the throat of the crusher, thus enlarges the range of the material processed by the crusher, and can also raise the production efficiency of the crusher.

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