Description and characteristics of automobile shell shredder


Shuguang Heavy Industry Machinery produces a new type of automobile shell shredder with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, which is based on the urgent needs of the market and the practical application of domestic and foreign customers. The equipment is flexible and convenient, easy to operate, compact in structure and large in output. The automobile shell shredder is mainly used in large waste recycling stations, which can tear waste metals into pieces to reduce transportation costs and improve the speed of iron-making by steel throwing into the furnace.
Easy to adjust, maintain low cost, economical and durable. Frame plate thick, high torque resistance, very strong. The thickness of tool and the number of knife claw can be changed according to different materials. The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise and dust, which can meet the environmental protection standard. Heavy cutting tools, high crushing efficiency, all the tools are cast with alloy steel, and the service life is long. Using microcomputer (PLC) automatic control, set up, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control function.

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