The output of the waste shredding machine


The waste shredding machine is driven by planetary gear reducer, and the blade is made of high strength alloy steel with strong wear resistance and high strength. It operates at differential speed, and has the functions of shredder, extrusion and bite. Designed for all kinds of living garbage materials, it is suitable to shredder up all kinds of garbage, such as waste clothes, waste shoes, waste quilt, waste goods, waste wood, waste plastic, food waste, medical garbage and so on. The chance of shredding can be up to 300-30000 kg / h, and the design will be provided according to the requirements of users.
What are the main uses of the garbage shredding machine? Shuguang Machinery to introduce to you: save transportation costs, landfill costs. Some of the garbage in life is very large, such as furniture garbage, wood garbage and so on. If we pull it into a landfill site directly, it is conceivable that the cost of transportation is very expensive. The garbage shredder can shredder up the rubbish to save money. After crushing the garbage crusher, the volume of ordinary garbage can be reduced by 30%, and some materials even reach 50%.

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