Details of jaw crusher shutdown inspection and maintenance


There are many details that need to be paid attention to when the jaw crusher of mining machinery and equipment is shut down for inspection and maintenance. When the jaw crusher is shut down, metal objects (such as shovel teeth, track shoes, drill bits, etc.) shall be strictly prevented from entering the crusher to avoid damaging the crusher. When they pass through the crusher, the next post operator shall be informed immediately to take them out in time to prevent accidents caused by the secondary crushing system.
It is required in the shutdown details of jaw crusher that when the electrical equipment trips automatically, if the reason is not clear, it is strictly forbidden to start continuously. In the patrol inspection, if it is found that the sound of the machine is abnormal and it is necessary to stop the machine for troubleshooting, the feeding shall be stopped immediately. After all the materials in the crushing chamber are discharged, the main motor shall be stopped and the power supply shall be cut off for inspection and treatment. If the bearing temperature exceeds 60 ℃ (the rolling bearing temperature exceeds 70 ℃), the machine shall not be stopped immediately, so as to prevent the bearing bush from being damaged by local heating. Instead, the feeding shall be increased immediately Measures such as oil volume, forced ventilation or water cooling can be taken, and the machine can be stopped for treatment after the bearing temperature drops.
If it is necessary to stop according to the production process sequence, the jaw crusher shall stop the feeder first, and then stop the crusher and conveyor after all the materials are broken and discharged. It is not allowed to store materials in the crushing, so as to avoid difficulties in the next start-up. At the same time, the lubricating oil pump and cooling system can only be stopped after the crusher stops stably. In winter, the cooling water should be drained to prevent the bearing from cracking.
When the jaw crusher is shut down for inspection and maintenance, the bearing temperature shall be checked. Generally, the bearing temperature shall not exceed 600 (the rolling bearing shall not exceed 70c). In the absence of a thermometer, a surface thermometer can be used to measure the surface temperature of the bearing housing. Check the lubrication system and water cooling system for oil leakage, water leakage, noise and vibration of oil pump operation. Check the wear condition of machine parts and whether the fastening and connecting parts are loose. Change lubricating oil regularly and clean lubricating filter.
It is very important to pay attention to the details of jaw crusher shutdown inspection and maintenance. It is very helpful to the efficient and safe production of jaw crusher. It is recommended that you master it skillfully.
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