Specific maintenance operation of jaw crusher


The jaw crusher is often used in the coarse crushing operation of materials, and its working conditions are poor, so it needs regular maintenance and repair in the use process. Now combined with the actual needs of customers, the maintenance operation methods of various parts of jaw crusher are introduced in detail.
Maintenance of machine body
1. The surface of cast iron shall be smooth and free of defects such as sand sticking, air hole, shrinkage cavity, slag inclusion, crack, etc., otherwise it shall be repaired or replaced.
2. The installation shall be carried out according to the technical regulations.
3. The longitudinal levelness of the base shall not exceed 0.5m m/m.
4. The horizontal levelness of the base shall not exceed 0.15m m/m.
5. The components on the base shall be installed after the base is leveled, aligned and the bolts are fastened.
6. The overall plane bending of the guard boards on both sides of the rack shall not be more than 1.5mm, otherwise it shall be corrected; the corresponding nominal size error of each hole position shall not be more than 0.5mm; the guard boards shall be firmly fixed to the side wall without looseness, and shall be replaced when the thickness is worn out by 2 / 5
Maintenance of movable jaw
1. Before maintenance, cut off the power supply, loosen the spring on the pull rod, and remove the rear thrust plate.
2. Remove the tile seats at both ends of the movable jaw to lift the movable jaw out for maintenance.
3. The lower thrust plate groove shall be parallel to the bearing aperture, and the parallel deviation shall not be greater than 0.3mm.
4. The coaxiality of bearing hole axis at both ends is 0.05mm.
5. The perpendicularity of the axis facing the shaft hole at both ends is 0.08mm.
6. After the convex edge of the fixed lining plate at the lower part of the movable jaw is worn, repair welding shall be carried out. The movable jaw shall be kept at the same distance from both sides of the frame, and the deviation shall not exceed ± 2mm.
7. The supporting surface of the lining plate shall be rough machined. During assembly, it must be in good contact with the jaw body without deflection angle suspension. If necessary, it shall be ground or leveled with a grinding wheel. It shall be firmly and evenly contacted with the moving jaw without looseness. The lining plate can be used in a reversed direction. If there are cracks and other defects of impact strength and the tooth height is seriously worn, it shall be replaced.
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