Application field of tire shredder products


The emergence of tire shredder has solved the problem of waste tire recycling very well, and can achieve a finer degree to facilitate other aspects to continue recycling. Following is a detailed description of the product application areas of tire shredder.
1. Playground laying: runway, school playground, swimming ground and garden path, bowling court, sidewalk, kindergarten playground and recreation court, tennis and basketball court.
2. Automobile industry: belt, train floor mat, brake disc ribbon, car and freight car floor, brake brake bushing, sealing strip, buffer, shock absorber, automobile body bottom seal and stainless steel material, anti-splash and clay, marine daily raw materials, tires and tire pads.
3. Construction/Equipment: Adhesive/Sealant, Hospital, Company, Bathroom Floor, Insulating Rubber, Carpet Liner, Livestock Straw Cushion, Extruded Products, Waste Brake Surface, Casting Mold Products, Coatings, Dams, Warehouses, Ponds, Waste Disposal Stations, Brick Roof Cushion and Cover, Floor with Protruding Pattern, Roof Signboard, Thin Waterproof materials for sheets, waterproof materials, shock proof, gaskets, roofs and walls.
4. Application of Geotechnical/Asphalt: Drainage Pipe, Rubber-treated Asphalt for Road and Lane Laying, Filter, Soil Regulation/Pavement Covering, Porous Flushing Pipe, Racing Track, Railway Intersection, Traffic/Pedestrian Obstacles, Railway Crack Joint Sealant Road Construction and Maintenance
5. Production of recycled rubber: Used in the production of various rubber products.

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