Control the Particle Size of tire shredder Products


Whether the finished product granularity meets the production standard is the result that the users of tire shredder are concerned about. It will directly affect our production. How to control the finished product granularity of tire shredder? This requires a detailed understanding of the tire shredder.
tire shredder is based on the basic principle of hammer beating, through the full tearing and beating of scrap metal falling into the crushing chamber by the hammer, the metal is fine crushed to meet the requirements of particle production. At the outlet of the tire shredder, there is also a screen structure for material selection, which meets the needs of finished product particle size. Material can be discharged through screen. Material that does not meet the requirement of particle size can be crushed again in the crushing chamber.
Therefore, it can be said that the size of finished product size of tire shredder is mainly determined by screen mesh, that is to say, screen adjustment is spherical out or spherical out, strip out or strip out, if there is no screen mesh, crushed materials will not be shaped, and the weight of finished product particles will not reach the standard; for example, you want to let the screen adjust spherical out or strip out. When the finished product particle of tire shredder reaches 5 cm or more, it will be replaced with a set of screen mesh of 5 cm or more; if the discharging particle is controlled at 1 cm or so, you need to replace the screen mesh of 1 cm screen hole. The screen mesh of tire shredder realizes the uniform discharging particle of tire shredder, and the size is controlled freely; in addition, adjust the screen bottom clearance of tire shredder, and do so. Good uniform cutting speed of crushing materials and control of rotating speed of tire shredder rotor are also prerequisites to ensure the size of finished products. Only under the appropriate rotating speed, uniform cutting speed and smooth outlet can not affect the size of finished products.
Through the above understanding, in order to control the particle size of finished products of tire shredder when using tire shredder in production, besides correct operation, reasonable debugging of the clearance between hammer and screen and the hole size of screen bottom should be carried out according to the specific needs of production, so as to ensure that the production of tire shredder equipment conforms to the requirements. The granularity of finished products is required.

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