Correct replacement of metal shredder parts


The metal shredder has a good crushing effect on metal hard materials, which is an indisputable fact in the industry. However, in the face of huge workload, it is inevitable that the metal shredder's parts are often replaced. What should be done when replacing the parts correctly?

1. Motor
 The motor must use the national standard product produced by the factory. Never use a refurbished motor or a non-national standard motor to charge. Because the copper enameled wire diameter of these motors can not meet the rated current requirements of the bar machine. Therefore, the motor is easily burned or the driving force is insufficient, which affects the speed of the metal shredder and the overall crushing effect.
The quality of the bearing directly affects the production efficiency of the crusher and the quality of the pellet. It is good to use the bearings produced by the three big manufacturers of Harbin, Wafangdian and Luoyang. In addition, the bearings produced by small factories should not be used, but at the same time, special attention should be paid to counterfeit products.

3.Steel plate
The thickness of the steel plate must meet certain requirements, and the standard steel plate is more secure in terms of service life.
The metal shredder is multi-purpose and fully meets the market demand, maximizing the investment risk for users. The equipment has the functions of stable operation, safety and reliability, long service life, convenient operation, compact structure, simple installation, small investment and quick effect.

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