What is the requirement for the Pulverizer's pulse duster?


Green environmental protection for the benefit of mankind, in today's social environment, the serious pollution of heavy industry, is a social cancer, in combination with high technology, mill technology in mining equipment, some powder can row out, into the atmosphere, causing a certain amount of pollution problems, aiming at this problem, is the first to solve the Raymond Mill of Zhengzhou Shuguang Machinery manufacturers, pulse dust collector model for dust removal effect is significantly improved, called Raymond Mill users, the best matching pulse, with green environmental protection law.
The new pulse precipitator is a small bag filter designed by Zhengzhou Shuguang Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which digested and absorbed the advantages of similar products at home and abroad. The dust collector adopts pulse jet cleaning, which has the advantages of good ash removal effect, high essence efficiency, large volume of air handling, long life of filter bags, small maintenance workload and safe and reliable operation. Widely used in metallurgical, building materials, machinery, chemical, mining and other industrial and mining enterprises, non - fibrous industrial dust removal and purification and material recovery. In running, if emissions exceed the standard and operating pressure filter design is too low, is likely to be the initial lack of surface powder layer bag, the reason may be the cleaning cycle filtration rate is too high, the bag is too short, blowing compressed air pressure is too high, the decrease of dust load. Some studies show that the filtration rate is too high, the dust removal rate will increase, high filtration velocity, the initial dust layer is broken, and the impact caused by the excessive wear dust bag, if this number is too high can easily lead to clean the filter bag fabric loose, these will make dust emissions exceed the standard.

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