The importance of the technology of wood shredding machine


The wood shredder equipment has stable operation, no noise, no dust pollution, and the production is uniform, the effect is good, the service life is long, the manpower is saved, and the safety and beauty are beautiful. Shuguang machinery is paying attention to the research and development of technology. At the same time saving the cost, we can meet the demand of the market. The technology is the hard strength, the foundation, the capital, the direct profit and the importance of the technology.
On the basis of the design of the internal structure of the wood tearing machine, the improved design can not only guarantee the design of the exterior structure without affecting the operation of the internal mechanical structure and the rapid installation of the accessories, but also can achieve a beautiful and generous design experience. There is a hydraulic column at both ends of the outer side of the tearing chamber cover of the wood tearing machine. It is convenient for users to check the internal parts and change the vulnerable parts. The hydraulic open tearing cover is made by hydraulic pressure. The internal mechanical structure of the tearing chamber is composed of the parts such as the rotor, the hammer head, the hook, the lining plate and the sieve bottom. The life span of the damaged parts is 6-9 months. Even if the user uses the wood tearing machine day and month, the internal vulnerable parts can also be used for about six months. The effect of this life is not only reflected in the quality of the damaged parts themselves, but also in the mechanism design inside the rip machine.

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