Large-scale used car shredder performance and advantages


Used car shredder button operation, manual control, safe and reliable. Electrical programmable controller, hydraulic system using advanced cartridge valve or valve system control, the implementation of centralized operation of the button press. Together with the appropriate mold can be used as a detachable machine or molding machine for the pressing of metal flanges, as well as powder products, plastics, FRP, insulation materials, rubber and other compression molding. The pressure, speed and travel can be adjusted according to process needs, and can be completed by pressing and forming two molding process.
Used car shredder performance and advantages:
1. The whole machine adopts horizontal structure, which facilitates subsequent processing of chips, effectively reducing chip volume and saving storage space.
2. The machine drive with a safety electrical protection, which can effectively prevent accidental damage to the equipment.
3. With a large tear ratio, high production efficiency, the average grain size, controllable and other strengths.
4. Used car shredders can make a variety of metal shavings, chemical fireproof materials, chips, drying, briquetting, smelting, shredding and transportation become simple and easy.
5. Can greatly reduce the volume of the chip, the chip can be continuous feed, you can intermittently feed.
6. With torque, high yield, no noise, wear-resistant and other strengths.
General waste car shredder is not enough to tear it, in order to get the ideal shredding effect, we will use a professional scrap car shredder. We produce 2000 type of used car shredder can easily do this, the first power, we configure two 90kw motor, driven by strong current, the shredder will play an extraordinary ability to shred, the internal The use of hook knife and tear together the way the hammer will be compact instantaneous block shredding, shredded material within the device after a certain period of fine crushing through the discharge port out of the tear chamber. In the large-scale shredding equipment, we are known for its good quality and good quality. Users with this intention can come to our own test machine to let the facts speak, and we will not do anything to buy and sell the business. We will welcome your purchase at a cheaper price.

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