Four advantages of scrap car shredders


Dismantling and recycling of end-of-life vehicles will be an important task for China's resource reuse and landfill disposal in the future. As a high-quality automobile dismantling equipment, the double shaft shredder will play a great role in the emerging dismantling equipment market. Advantages: Compared with the traditional single-rotor automobile crusher, the crusher adopting the double shaft shredder damage principle will be able to better promote streamline operations of the entire production line, and best save labor and operating costs. The following is a comparison of the market and equipment advantages of the twin-axle automotive shredders and single rotor metal crushers.
1. The first to adopt the low-speed high-torque shredding and high-speed roller crushing combination structure to realize the integrated technology of the scrapped automobile body as a whole and large-volume light and thin scrap material crushing and charge processing, which is the subversive innovation of the traditional scrap processing technology equipment, reaching international Advanced level. The double shaft shredder can produce the maximum output torque with the lowest power configuration, and the two rows of alloy steel cutters processed by a special process can bite, tear, and shear in opposite directions, and the rapid disintegration of large volume materials can be easily realized. The vertical crusher uses a unique multi-layer cavity and multi-stage hob design to achieve simultaneous dissociation of paint and stain during crushing, and can control the size of crushing material to make it regular, high-bulk and easy to use. Sorting to form fine material.
2. After separation technologies such as cyclone separation, magnetic separation, eddy current separation, and sieving, the separation and enrichment of ASR's complex components are realized, and the direct recovery of materials such as steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics, and rubber is completed synchronously. The recovery rate is over 90%.
3. The innovative design of the vertical roller rubbing process enables paint and other attachments to be stripped and recycled to form high-density lump materials. The value is increased by about 30%, and it directly meets the requirements of the steel company's “fine feed into the furnace”.
4. In the application of props, the automobile shredder adopts imported high-quality alloy steel to achieve the standard of overall hardness and toughness of the blade through forging and finishing and the heat treatment process, thus reducing the use cost for the application of the two-axis automobile shredder.

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