What are the operating rules of the plastic shredder?


Plastic shredder as a very common mechanical equipment, its appearance has brought great help to our life, such as greatly reducing the environmental pollution caused by excessive waste plastic, and reducing the waste of plastic raw materials, so that it can be reused. As a mechanical equipment, different equipment has its own different operating methods and techniques. For some new users, it is necessary to master the operation methods and regulations of the plastic shredder.
First of all, before the operation of the crusher to ensure that the equipment line has no problem, then check the installation and fixing of the blade and bolt, rotating the rotor and so on, if there is no card death, if everything is normal, you can start the work. It is one of the most effective ways to improve the production efficiency in the first time in the work. Then, in the production of the material, pay attention to the feeding speed, the feed speed can not be fast and fast, the material can not be too little, so long as uniform and uniform feed can make the equipment normally carry on the pulverizer. Finally, when the work is completed, clean up the materials that have not been eliminated in time, so as to facilitate the next use.

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