Industry prospect of scrap car shredder machine


At present, the domestic automobile production and sales have far exceeded other motor vehicles such as motorcycles, and after the development of these twenty or thirty years, the disposal of scrapped cars is a headache, and the emergence of scrap car rip machine is a good solution to the problem of car shell difficult to break. Before the scrap car was cut off manually by oxygen, it was cut after cutting with hydraulic shear. And the car rip machine has greatly saved the efficiency, only need to push the scrap car into the shredding machine, after more than ten minutes after the rip machine completely broken and cut finished, the current car shell rip machine has been more and more discarded car dismantling enterprises.
The double shaft shredding machine has been widely used in the resource reuse industry, also known as a double shaft shredding machine or a shearing machine crusher. The principle of the work is to drive the shaft and cutting tool to each other through a high-power power drive through a reducer to achieve the effect of extrusion, shredding and shearing of the material. After years of practice and improvement, a complete set of solutions has been carried out according to the actual needs of the customers, in order to reduce the trouble to increase the output and benefit of the customers. At present, many series of double shaft  shredding machines, such as metal shredding machine, plastic shredding machine, wood shredding machine, tires shredding machine and living garbage shredding machine, have been in the first place in the domestic market. With mature technology and excellent quality, it will provide strong support for China's resource re-use machinery industry.

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