Garbage shredder promotes green industry development


Waste harmless treatment refers to the use of unnecessary or useless solid and fluid materials in the existing market needs to create renewable value on the basis of not polluting the environment and occupying land. Garbage disposal is a headache in densely populated cities. A common practice is to collect and send landfill to landfill or incinerator. But both create environmental problems, and stopping over-consumption can further reduce landfill saturation. Waste disposal in landfills not only pollutes groundwater and emits odor, but also reduces the area available for landfills in many cities. Incineration will inevitably produce toxic gases and harm organisms. Most cities are studying ways to reduce waste generation and encourage resource recycling. Under this background, the harmless disposal equipment of waste and garbage will be stimulated by policy and economy. The shredder, as the preceding crushing process of this kind of waste treatment, occupies a large proportion in the whole treatment process equipment. In the future application market, garbage shredder will develop rapidly with the market trend of harmless waste treatment.

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