Different configuration of metal shredding machine


Shuguang metal shredder equipment can choose different configurations according to the different materials. In order to make the broken material get the effective crushing work and achieve the perfect crushing effect, Shuguang metal shredder equipment can adjust and replace the thickness and shape of the hammer autonomously. For fragile materials, we can use thinner hammer to reduce the eccentric impact of the equipment in the working process and improve the crushing efficiency of the material. For some metal materials which are more difficult to break, we should use a thick hammer to work. Shuguang metal shredder has applied the principle of multi ring crushing. The crushing effect and breaking efficiency of the metal material are obviously higher than that of the traditional crushing equipment. More gratifying, Shuguang metal shredder has greatly improved the one-time breakup of the metal material and greatly simplified the process of material crushing. It shortens the time needed for crushing and improves the efficiency of the equipment.
Although Shuguang metal shredder has such a great advantage, but we do not stop the pace of advance, in order to cope with the rapid development of the market for the continuous improvement of product quality requirements, Shuguang Machinery will continue to test and reform its own metal shredder equipment to improve the capacity of the breakage. And simplify the structure of the equipment, reduce the use of enterprises for metal shredder equipment maintenance work.

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