Regular Replacement of Lubricating Oil for Tire Shredder


Tire shredder equipment in the production process, wear and tear increased, abnormal noise occurred, indicating that the use of lubricating oil is not very good. In normal repair, all kinds of lubricants, especially bearings on the main engine, bear a great deal of load. Attention should be paid to the regular replacement of lubricating oil to increase the service life of tire shredder equipment.
Tire shredder equipment power contact parts, often caused by friction heating, so regular oil lubrication is particularly important. We should not add too much or too little lube oil. We should not mix new oil with old oil. We should add it according to the instructions of the equipment. If we don't know, we should call the service telephone of our technician to consult, so as to avoid adding errors. Too much or too little lubricating oil will directly affect the operation of bearings and heat transfer, which is easy to cause premature damage to the bearings of the tire shredder.
Gongyi Xinyue Machinery considers for users, so that users can buy high-quality and inexpensive tire shredder equipment is our goal. Our products are constantly updated and improved. We have strict requirements on product quality, as well as after-sales service. It is an indisputable fact that our equipment has excellent performance. In the tire shredder, we are constantly updating and improving our products. We try our best to be perfect in design and production, grasp every detail, and make users feel intimate about our service all the time.

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